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Centralized Operations for Superior Efficiency

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U-Hospital Information Management System – Micro Exclusive ERP

UHIMS Micro Exclusive is a healthcare operations platform that enhances delivery across the care continuum while reducing third-party vendors. We provide leading-edge clinical care amidst an ever-challenging healthcare landscape.
UHIMS follows the logic of Centralized operations and billing and will be best suited solution available for the National as well as International Market.

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    End-to-end Capabilities for Growing Your Business

    UHIMS Micro Exclusive is our home grown hospital management software helps efficiently solving complex interoperability challenges securely and at scale and realizing better healthcare delivery, care coordination, and patient engagement with HL7 FHIR. Our hospital ERP also helps reduce turnover gaps by science-driven flight risk indicators and continuous engagement, projecting extended nurse schedules, allowing rotation schedules, and self-scheduling, reducing non-productive time spent doing paperwork and hunting for equipment.

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